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            The IEC value of the crosslinking membrane is slightly reduced

            The IEC value of crosslinked membrane is slightly reduced; The water absorption rate and swelling degree are well controlled and have good dimensional stability. The surface of the film is separated by the obvious hydrophilic phase and water-repellent phase, and the aggregation size and continuity of the hydrophilic phase microregion vary with the length of the crosslinking time. With the extension of the crosslinking time, the conductivity value decreased slightly, but the conductivity of the membrane was still higher than 0.01 S/cm.

            The crosslinking membrane is an alternative to PE film, and the space is wide and suitable for the future orientation of the high-end film. In the past, the market anticipated the difficulty in the development of products, and we believe that the downstream development will accelerate with the three factors: packaging machinery, cost performance and demonstration effect.

            Main features of the POF contraction membrane:

            1. The packaging is clear and transparent and attractive to the light.

            2. High shrinkage rate is ideal for package packaging.

            3. The shrinkage rate is high, the packaging can keep smooth and smooth, without wrinkles and close edges.

            4. Increase the yield per volume and increase the production capacity of the production line.

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