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            Super performance can provide a contraction force

            Transparency of the PE film is poorer, typically on the film printing product design information, such as crosslinked membrane has good transparency, "shelves effect" is good, can directly see the goods, for vendors, also save printing costs.

            It can be widely used in all kinds of shrink wrappers, especially for high-speed equipment. This superior crosslinking membrane can provide stronger contraction force, better sealing and more powerful puncture resistance. And can improve the product's durable packaging, brightness and high transparency.

            The hardness, tensile strength and seal strength of the POF contraction film are incomparable. The packaging is clear and transparent and attractive. The high shrinkage rate is the ideal choice for package packaging. The packaging can keep smooth and smooth, without wrinkles and close edges. Improve the yield of each volume and increase the production capacity of the production line.

            Source:      Time:2017-8-2 10:08:24