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            The supply and demand potential of POF is huge

            The POF shrinkage membrane is designed with high polymer molecular chain tensioning principle. Its physical principle is: when the polymer at high elastic state, the stretch orientation, then polymer quenching below glass transition temperature, molecular orientation were frozen, when the goods during the heating in the process of packaging, because the molecular thermal motion produced stress relaxation, points to restore the original state, causing shrinkage.

            POF shrink film is a transparent luster and clingy in commodity packaging film on the appearance, the energy conservation and environmental protection, high shrinkage rate, transparent luster, strong characteristics of the tear resistance overturns the traditional limitations of packaging film, was warmly welcomed by the market, is the love of consumers. POF film is suitable for various packing areas, including food, daily necessities, cosmetics, etc.

            POF shrink film is a kind of highly automated equipment, the products are widely used in daily necessities, food and beverage and a banner industry, application of heat shrinkable film packaging machine can greatly reduce the box packing materials and artificial cost, has important economic significance. The packaging machine is the latest shrink-wrapped equipment in China, which can make the products of enterprises enter the market better and faster, and bring high benefits and high returns to individuals or enterprises.

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