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            Why can crosslinking film replace PE film

            The crosslinking membrane is an alternative to PE film, and the space is wide and suitable for the future orientation of the high-end film. Previous market expectations have been difficult to expand, and we believe that the downstream development will accelerate with the three factors: packaging machinery, cost performance and demonstration effect.

            Due to the increasing competition in the domestic market, the company has maintained a gross profit margin above the industry average with its leading technology, and its market share has been in the leading position. The common membrane technology barrier is relatively low, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, the future company ordinary film will maintain the existing market and profit level.

            The gelatin content was 15 %, 30 %, 45 % and 60 % chitosan - POF shrinkable film. FTIR and XRD were used to represent the structure of the product, and the tensile strength, transmittance, oxygen permeability and contact Angle were investigated. The study found that with the increase of gelatin content, the tensile strength decreased, but it still met the need of corneal repair in clinic.

            Source:      Time:2017-8-2 9:59:37